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The Child In Us

Do you remember how it felt when you learned something as a child?  Remember that feeling of accomplishment that you were smarter by learning that tidbit?  You couldn’t wait to go and let everyone know what you had learned, no matter who else knew that tidbit or if anyone cared.

In Mark 10:14-15, Jesus tells us that we have to receive the Kingdom of God “like a child to enter it” (NLT).  Such a simple command, yet many struggle with that concept.  The worldly attitude is that, as an adult, we can’t act like children, it just isn’t mature.  We worry about how that will look if we act like a child, in anything.  But here is where the line gets blurred by many.  Jesus didn’t say act childish, He said we have to be childlike.  

When we study Scripture and approach our study with a childlike mentality, we then allow God to mold and teach us His Word, as He wants us to learn.   When we approach our study with an adult mentality, we limit the possibilities of learning what God has for us to learn.  When we absorb God’s Word with a childlike mentality, it makes us excited about what we have learned, and thus, like a child, we want to run and tell anyone and everyone about our tidbit.  Thus, we have then obeyed the final commandment that Jesus told the Disciples in Matthew 28:19.

So, let’s resolve to study God’s Word with that childlike mentality, and with that same childlike spirit, spread the Good News about our Savior, Christ Jesus!

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