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Are You Lonely In Your Trial?

Are You Lonely In Your Trial?

In most cases and situations, God peels away, and turns away people in our quest for help, so that we will have no other option but to turn to Him. Although we know He should be our FIRST option, the world will continually attempt to convince us that He should be the last option, and even try to convince us that He is not even an option, based on our past.

It is the times when we feel the loneliest that God is right beside us, patiently waiting for us to finally turn to Him with EVERYTHING, with TOTAL FAITH in Him.  Let’s look at what Moses had to endure in Egypt to free God’s people from bondage (Exodus 7 – 14).  Each time God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, He showed Moses what He could do, and each time, He strengthened Moses’  faith in God, which would later come to help Moses when He would speak for the Children of Israel in the wilderness.  At each point that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, Moses was alone, with only God to turn to.  And when God had Moses’ full faith in Him,   Pharaoh released the Children of Israel to Moses.  But not without yet another trial.  Once The Children of Israel was released, God again wanted Moses’ total faith in Him, this time in battle with Pharaoh’s army.  This wasn’t the traditional battle that we would think of, where both sides are firing weapons, only one side had weapons of the world.  The Children of Israel had the the One weapon, the mighty Hand of God.   Moses demonstrates his faith in God with the parting of the Red Sea (Exodus 14:21).  It all started with God showing Moses that all he needed was faith in God, and God alone.  God also demonstrates this with Noah (Genesis 6:13), and with Job.

If God can deliver in these extraordinary situations, He can also deliver you from any situation, and trial you face in life.  The beauty of it all is there is no monetary price to pay, there is no hard physical labor you have to endure.  Jesus paid all the dues for this, when He died for us all.  His faith in The Father as He hung from the Cross, ALONE, is the ultimate example of the total faith we should have in God.

When we feel that we stand alone in our trials and tests in this world, it is where God has peeled back the world, and has given you a clear path to HIM.  God knows our human nature, that it is in times of trouble and trial that we seek Him the most.   As we mature in God’s Word, we learn to seek Him always, through good and bad, and put total faith in Him!  He leaves the choice to us, He doesn’t force us into any decision.  We see the evidence in His Word, we need not look any further than a mirror to see the true miracle of God’s mighty Hand, for we are made in His likeness (Genesis 1:27).  He did not say it would be easy, and trial and tests are continual.   The true measure of one’s maturity in God’s Word and our faith in God can be measured by the frequency we seek God’s help and how often we glorify God, whether it be in word, song, action or sacrifice of material possessions.

Remember, when we are at our loneliest,  when we are at our lowest point, God is patiently waiting for your call, waiting for your faith.  Once you put it ALL in God’s mighty Hands, He will deliver, just as He did with Noah, Just as He did with Moses, and just as He did with Job.

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