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Put Your Trust In Him

Put Your Trust In Him

Today’s Scripture: “When I am afraid, I will put my trust I You.” Psalm 56:3

God has not given His children a spirit of fear or timidity (II Timothy 1:7). Yet fear paralyzes many Christians in states of hopelessness, torment, and uselessness. The opposite of fear is faith. When we are tempted to fear, we must put our trust in the Lord.

We Can Trust God Exclusively. The only person who will never let you down is Jesus. He is absolutely dependable. All people, even those you love and cherish the most, are sinners filled with flaws. Even the best of people are capable of disappointing you. The Lord alone is worthy of your complete trust. He is the wholly faithful One.

We Can Trust God Entirely. You can trust God in every situation. Fear can only grip you in its despair and doubt if you let it. You can trust God with your salvation, your prayer requests, and your personal needs. Nothing is too large or small to bring to Him in prayer. No matter what you face, you can depend on Him.

We Can Trust God Eternally. Not only can you trust God exclusively and completely in this life, but you can also trust Him in eternity. Should Jesus tarry in His return, all people will encounter death. Regardless of how healthy, wealthy, or wise you are, you will share in the common experience of death. As a Christian, death should not cause you to fear. When you are at last absent from your body, you will be present with the Lord. In His presence there is no fear; only abundant life and joy forevermore!

Are you tempted to be afraid? You do not have to be. Instead, you can depend on Christ exclusively, entirely, and eternally. What man does to you does not matter if your hope is in Jesus. Walk in faith, not fear. Lean on the One who is worthy of your trust!

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